Safety first.

Our stroller is tested to the Australian pram and stroller mandatory safety standards. Fitted with a five-point no-rethread design, pronto offers versatile and comfortable seating that is safe for your children.

Safety isn't just in the harness, it's also in the design. 

Ergonomic seating refers to the design of furniture and equipment that supports the natural curvature of the human body, promoting comfort and reducing the risk of musculoskeletal issues. Proper ergonomic support is crucial to ensure healthy growth and posture.

The optimal seating position to achieve lowest pressure on intervertebral discs is backrest at 90°. Pronto’s seating configuration with footwell in use supports healthy spine development. Complimented by a 360 view for passengers, there’s no more turtle neck to see what’s happening around them.

Maintaining correct posture is essential for young children as they grow and develop. Proper alignment of the spine, hips, and shoulders promotes muscle strength, balance, and coordination, while also reducing the risk of strain and injury. Good posture lays the foundation for overall musculoskeletal health and contributes to a child's physical well-being and confidence.

Many prams and strollers on the market feature a semi-reclined seating position, intended to provide comfort and support for infants and young children. That can be the case during nap time, but when our children are up and about, this may not be ideal. 

Some products are now being made to remedy this common problem such as The Wedge from Eyas London (an amazing product to convert your current stroller to an upright seat).

To promote healthy musculoskeletal development in young children, parents should prioritise prams and strollers that offer ergonomic seating with full back support and adjustable recline options. Look for models that allow children to sit in an upright position with proper lumbar support, facilitating optimal posture and comfort.

We always recommend doing your research, ask the tough questions and think about what you stroller can do for you.