We have looked at a lot of prams over the last few months with so many options on the market, nothing was really suitable for our needs and ticketed all of our boxes with a tall toddler and a newborn on the way.

    Our toddler is so tall for his age and has already outgrown most seats that work with a double stroller.We were so impressed with the functionality of the Pronto and how long it is going to last our growing family. Super fast delivery. Easy to put together and folds completely flat which was perfect for our limited boot space with our 3rd row in.

    It's very sturdy and great quality but also uncomplicated and super functional.Easy to fold down and light enough to lift in the car.Our toddler is so keen to jump in with plenty of space for all our gear. We also purchased the snack tray which is a winner.We've turned a lot of heads at the shops and sparked some great conversations out in public about how cool it is.It's a great alternative to all the "normal" prams on the market. We are so impressed with the product so far and customer service from Pronto. 

    — Melissa King

    “Guys !!! This is amazing !!!”

    — Leah Itsines

    @pronto.stroller, the only stroller I want to put my kids in! So safe and convenient! Has handy pockets and a sun shade! Everything you need to keep your little ones looked after! The absolute best stroller you could ever buy! Get one Pronto!

    — Jess Deeth

    "Absolutely obsessed with my Pronto stroller wagon! This innovative marvel has seamlessly become a part of our daily adventures. From the shops to the beach, park, and bustling markets, it's the ultimate companion for every outing. Fitting both my kiddos with ease, the Pronto stroller wagon is a lifesaver. The footwell's genius design transforms it into a cozy bed for my littlest one, making naptime on the go an absolute breeze.

    The included canopy is easily detachable for inside outings, making it incredibly versatile. On outdoor sunny days, it provides great coverage, and for those extra sunny outings, the extra drop-down sunshade is a lifesaver. The flexibility is fantastic, and it ensures the perfect balance between protection and openness. The ventilated sides keep the air flowing, ensuring a comfortable rest... (continued)

    (continued) And let's talk storage – it's incredible! So many pockets and options for additional attachments make it a parent's dream.

    We've even taken it on our travels, and the secure cover ensures it's safe for transport – an absolute must! My kids adore it too!

    They love munching on snacks at the built-in table in the middle. And because they're little, they sometimes prefer sitting side by side, watching their favorite show, creating space on the other side for whatever daily adventure we're on. Pronto, you've made our outings a breeze and filled with joy.

    — Belinda Strickland

    This is long overdue but just want to say a big thank you for bringing Pronto Stroller to Sydney’s One Fine Baby Expo. I have eyed the stroller for a very long time and to finally get to see it in person was so very exciting for me.

    Thank you for assisting me and just displaying what real customer service is. You sealed the deal for me and I bought it straight away. Unlucky for me though was you had none in stock at the time at the show but you arranged for delivery for me asap and I got it within a few days. I was just wowed. My girls absolutely love it and we have been approached many times when out by other parents about the Pronto Stroller. Thank you again to you and your team. I recommend it to everyone!

    — Julie Huynh

    We ABSOLUTELY love our pronto, my husband especially, He thinks it makes taking children out and about so much easier… we have twins that didn’t enjoy sitting in a pram for periods of time, they were growing so fast and there wasn’t anything on the market other than what we had. Until we came across the pronto stroller. One word “Game Changer”.

    As parents you want your children safe & comfortable when out and about, for us being a super active family, keeping our babies happy and settled is number 1. Whether we are walking along the beach, out at the mall, groceries shopping, markets, running errands anywhere we want our babies comfortable and relaxed.

    The pronto provides everything comfort & safety, with so much space, so much storage, a wide range of accessories… It is by far the best pram/stroller we have owned. Our babies have years to enjoy it as they grow and what an investment to our family.. I could go on.

    — Kylie Jensen

Built for the everyday

Made from scratch resistant heavy duty aluminium, pronto is designed to last. The diagonal frame structure allows the front wheels to give force to the handle bars resulting in a smoother and easier ride, every time.

Sleep, snack, play

Whether it's sleep, snack or play, pronto delivers on the ultimate entertainment and travel nap system for on the go which you and your family can rely on. Adjust the inbuilt convertible footwell according to your passenger needs. Bassinet to two full-sized seats in seconds.

Capsule compatible

Our car seat capsule adapter is compatible with the Maxi-cosi (mico series), Nuna (pipa series) and Cybex (aton, cloud series) for easy transfer between car and home.


The optimal seating position to achieve lowest pressure on intervertebral discs is backrest at 90°.

Pronto’s seating configuration with footwell in use supports healthy spine development. Complimented by a 360 view for passengers, there’s no more turtle neck to see what’s happening around them.

Fitted with a five-point no-rethread harness, riders are well protected. Internal dimensions of 87 x 46 x 27 provide a sense of openness and comfort, while low seating allows riders to see the world at their level.

Heavy duty, all-terrain

A total of 12 double-ball bearings can accommodate a load of 100kg for smooth riding whilst the straight lined suspension applied to the front and rear wheels absorbs impact caused by unexpected obstacles.

A front-fixating wheel system allows for easy manoevering without swaying off your path.

Pronto is one of the first passenger wagons to pass the test of 200kg instantaneous load and 100kg consistent loading.

Lightweight, compact fold

The frame features an auto-lock folding mechanism that quickly collapses the stroller with canopy and accessories attached, one click removable wheels and the ability to store standing upright.

Weighing at 16.30 kilograms, our weight class is consistent with other comparable full-size, traditional twin prams and significantly lighter than comparable wagons.


Our car seat capsule adapter is compatible with the Maxi-cosi (mico series), Nuna (pipa series) and Cybex (aton, cloud series)

The pronto stroller’s width is narrower than other comparable strollers on the market measuring at 68cm. Australian doorways measure on average, at 82cm, so you can be sure that it will move effortlessly through any space.

It is slightly longer than average measuring at 120cm to compensate for the reduction in width and to maximise the internal dimensions of the pram so that your riders have the space to comfortably, eat, sleep and play without interfering with parent manoeuvrability and function.

Weighing at 16.30 kilograms, our weight class is consistent with other comparable full-size, traditional twin prams and significantly lighter than comparable wagons.

For comparison, the pronto stroller fits comfortably in the boot of a suzuki swift, turned on its side with wheels attached, you can remove the wheels to create additional space.

The pronto stroller packs away with all seat fittings and most accessories attached, avoiding the need to re-configure seating for your passengers.

Our stain resistant, hand washable fabric is easily removable, all you have to do is unzip!

For small stains, use a soft, wet towel and wipe.

For a complete clean, remove the fabric from the frame to hand wash.
Soak the fabric in warm water and use gentle detergent or baby wash to hand wash. Roll the fabric in a towel to remove excess water and then air dry in a shaded, well-ventilated area. Use a soft, wet towel to wipe down the stroller frame.

Yes! Your pronto is covered under our manufacturer warranty, in addition to your statutory rights.

Refer to https://prontostroller.com.au/pages/warranty for further information.

Our stroller meets the Australian mandatory standard for prams and strollers. Pronto is designed to carry children safely, from A to B.

Yes! Your stroller can handle challenging terrain including sand. With ample storage options, you can pack all you need for a fun day out without having to lug children and luggage on your own.

Please note that combined with heavier loads, on soft sand or dirt, handling conditions are not ideal and we recommend that you clean your wheels with clean water after each visit to ensure they continue to provide optimum handling on every surface.

All pronto products are designed in Korea, German engineered and manufactured in our own factory in China, where we have full control over the quality and durability of our products.

You can carry multiple age appropriate children with consideration to the maximum load limit.

Pronto stroller recommends use of the safety harness at all times whilst the stroller is in operation.